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Ron Bates sr


Ron Bates – Vocals

Ron has been showcasing his vocal talents throughout the Northwest since the early 70’s.  He originally started with a band, Scenic Root in Monroe, Washington. He showed up to listen to the band, and ended up as lead vocalist. Those infamous “Battle of the Bands” carried him in the beginning. 

 From there the nine piece horn group Seth was born.  They were one of the top horn groups on the Seattle scene.  They played for 4 years all around the country. His flair for singing took him throughout the United States; Washington, California, Massachusetts, Oregon, Colorado, New York, Montana and Canada.  He eventually was drawn home to his native Northwest.

 Rock & Roll bands were the cornerstone of his career. He has shared the stage with Tower of Power, Ball & Jack, Santana, The Wailers, The Kingsman, Leadfeather, The Coasters and Bobby Hatfield of the Righteous Brothers.

 Ron’s love of music and entertainment kept him searching for different venues to continue his passion.  He teamed up with Joe Baque & The New York Trio to present local dinner shows singing sultry classics of Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin and Michael Buble’.  Ron and Joe developed a winning relationship and play duo venues to private and area functions.

 The “twosome” worked well and when Ron’s son asked him to start a band, just the two of them, his answer was a resounding “you betcha!”  The Eclectics were born out of a love of the old and new.  Ron Sr. performs a lot of the old stuff, and Ron Jr. doing a lot of the new stuff. They mix it up a bit with Ron Sr. singing Misery, by Maroon Five and Ron, Jr. singing Play That Funky Music, by Wild Cherry.  They even throw in a few country tunes!  This current gig is his most rewarding.

 He also performs with The Jazz Collective, a popular Northwest jazz group. 

 His powerful singing style and rich voice is apparent in his strong stage presence as lead vocalist, and front man for any venue.

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