Looking for something different? Are you wondering how to please a whole room filled with all ages of people? The answer is The Eclectics! 

The group is a father and son act comprised of two experienced singers Ron Bates Senior who sings all the older rock and pop hits; and Ron Bates Junior who sings all the newer and current rock and pop hits. You will have the opportunity to hear a wide range of songs from The rolling Stones, CCR, and Van Morrison to Maroon 5,  Keith Urban, and Train.

This is a new concept that has the ability to bring many small groups within the same venue into one large gathering seeing how there is something for everyone who is looking to hear good music. With two separate professional singers who have their own place within the project, this is a sound that you won't be able to find with an average cover band. 
Let the Eclectics take care of all the entertainment for the evening, there's no need for gear or stage, and the group can even play in small venues, all for a very affordable price. The project is new and growing fast and has a lot of potential to travel quickly. If you are a club owner or are a private person looking for good entertainment for an event please contact the Eclectics.

Phone number: 360-239-7139 or 360-339-1466


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